Our Testimonials

Due to the sensitivity of many of our clients, we are obliged to keep specific names and organisations anonymous. The following testimonials and endorsements are quotes from senior managers, including headmasters and business managers, from a range of different schools and commercial organisations.


“Thank you for your input leading to a very successful open evening – nothing ever seems too much to ask and the school looked like a new pin by the time you had finished.”

School Business Manager – Secondary School – Surrey

“Very good feedback from all the staff coming back to school today, clean windows, floors and carpets – great way to start the new term.”

Site Manager – Primary School – Kent

“I would like to pass my thanks to you and the Steadfast staff for a job well done over the summer holidays. Each year the planning and use of resources gets more challenging but as always you get there. I would personally like to give a special thanks to your staff for the invaluable support they have provided to give a polished service.”

Contract Manager – London Borough

“Surprised to find out the contract term is nearly up, we are always happy, always impressed and happy to continue for another three years.”

Site Service Manager – North Kent