Industrial and Factories

Cleaning in the industrial and manufacturing sector requires a dedicated and specialist service. The main challenges of this sector are the need for flexibility and a thorough but safe cleaning routine. We understand that requirements can change from week to week depending on your output, that’s why our industrial and factory cleaning services are highly flexible to fit the needs of your business. Whether you need early morning, late evening or even weekend cleaning services, we can cater to the requirements of your organisation.

It’s no secret that high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are vital in industrial areas, especially if the products being packaged and distributed are for home use or public consumption. Keeping your floors and equipment clean is not only important for appearance but for health and safety regulations too.

What we offer

We offer a range of regular and one-off services for factories and industrial buildings that are designed to specifically meet the needs of this sector. We know that alongside unclean machinery, you also need to look after offices areas and recreation facilities for your staff members. Our services include specialised machinery cleans, routine contract cleaning and sanitisation solutions. We work with the latest and the best cleaning equipment that is specially designed to keep working areas like factories in a fantastic condition, no matter how hectic your day might get.

Safety first

We take the safety of our clients and our employees very seriously, which is why we always perform a detailed risk assessment before we undertake any industrial or factory cleaning project. All of our cleaning staff members are fully trained in the use of regular and heavy duty cleaning equipment, meaning that every job we start is finished to the best possible standard.

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