High Level Cleaning

What is high level cleaning?

High level cleaning refers to all cleaning services that take place off ground. These services include but are not limited to: roofing, guttering, ceilings, above ground external cleaning and high level pressure washing. These areas can be particularly troublesome for schools and commercial businesses, as the act of cleaning them often requires specialist equipment. Steadfast Cleaning can undertake a range of high level cleaning services and provides flexible and reliable solutions to tackle those hard to reach areas. We carry all the necessary equipment and cleaning products for these difficult tasks, so you can rest easy whilst we take care of everything.

The Steadfast approach

Here at Steadfast, we like to approach our projects a little differently. Before we undertake any job, we take the time to spec out everything properly. This is particularly important with high level cleaning work, as the dangers and risks must be assessed before we begin. We’ll never give you a price or timeframe without assessing your requirements properly first and believe that it’s this way of thinking that allows us to complete a project to a superior standard. No matter what your individual needs, we can work with you to find a solution that fits your building and your budget.

Why us?

Why choose Steadfast for your high level cleaning solutions?

The answer is simple – we care.

We’ve been in the cleaning business for an impressive thirty years, so we’ve really come to understand our customer’s needs. Such a long time in industry has also allowed us to build up some impressive accreditations, both for cleaning and environmental awareness. We’re no one trick pony though. Every year, we ensure that all of our relevant training and certifications are up to date and make a point of keeping a check on the work we carry out. This way, we can be confident that we’re always doing our best to provide customers with a Grade A high level cleaning service.

Sky high cleaning, not sky high pricesget in touch today to find out about our range of high level cleaning services.