With over three decades of experience in the cleaning industry, we’ve developed a unique set of skills that have helped us to create effective cleaning solutions for a number of different clients. The regular contracted cleaning services we provide are suitable for busy areas with a high level of traffic, whilst our heavy duty cleaning services offer more intensive solutions to varying sectors.

Our solutions cover a range of sectors including educational establishments, commercial properties and public sector buildings. It’s our diverse cleaning team and years of expert training that allow us to provide bespoke and flexible services for so many and it’s why we’re so good at what we do. We’ve got the experience and the high quality equipment to transform any building with confidence and with ease.

Take a look at the specific sectors that we cater for and the cleaning services that are on offer:

Education cleaning

We’ve been working with educational facilities for many years and can provide a range of short term solutions, as well as regular contracted cleaning.

Shopping centres / retail cleaning

Effective cleaning for main shopping areas, as well as for toilets, leisure and food court zones.

Office cleaning

From the washrooms to your meeting rooms, our tailored services improve hygiene and office appearance.

Industrial and factory cleaning

We provide thorough, deep cleaning services for industrial areas, leaving them safe and sterile for staff members.

Public sector cleaning

Tailored cleaning solutions for all types of public building including council offices and NHS services.

Events and leisure cleaning

We offer highly flexible and cost effective events cleaning using environmentally friendly products.

Food and hospitality cleaning

Steadfast have a range of hygienic cleaning solutions to keep all buildings sanitised and germ free.

Residential facilities cleaning

We provide regular and one off cleaning services to facilities managers for apartment blocks and other multi property buildings.

For more information on the sectors Steadfast cater for, including the bespoke cleaning services we offer, give us a call or send us an email today.