Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen cleaning services we offer aren’t just for restaurants. Steadfast cater for a wide range of properties including bars, schools, hotels, public buildings and many other commercial kitchens too.

Our Services

The kitchen is a tricky space to keep clean, especially if it is in constant use day after day and that’s why Steadfast offer such a comprehensive cleaning service for this particular area. Alongside our regular contracted cleaning solutions, we also offer specialist cleaning for kitchens as well. Our all-inclusive service provides you with everything you need for a kitchen that sparkles from head to toe.

These are just some of the solutions we offer:

  • Degreasing of ventilation grills and fans
  • Heavy duty oven cleaning
  • Worktop sanitisation
  • Wall cleaning
  • Cleaning of large cooking equipment
  • Anti-bacterial floor washes
  • Plus so much more

The importance of a clean kitchen

There are so many reasons why a clean kitchen is important, especially when serving the public. Commercial kitchens can get dirty surprisingly quickly and if this grime isn’t dealt with effectively, you may get bacteria forming in ovens and on worktops. Bacteria multiply at a rapid rate and can easily contaminate food if regular cleaning is not undertaken.

Contamination will not only make your customers sick but could damage the entire reputation of your business. If you’re not following strict health and hygiene rules in your kitchen, people will simply not want to eat at your establishment. No matter if you’re a school, training centre or local restaurant, a hygienic kitchen area should be your number one priority.

Why Steadfast?

Our solid industry experience means that we know everything there is to know about kitchen hygiene. We’re constantly developing new ways to provide the absolute best service for all our clients and use the most effective products and cleaning equipment around. All of our employees are fully trained and qualified to take on a range of jobs. No matter what the size of your business, we can provide kitchen cleaning services that make a real difference to your organisation.

We’re serious about kitchens

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