Factory Cleaning

Factory cleaning can be one of the most demanding cleaning jobs around. Continual maintenance of an industrial area is crucial for both hygiene and health and safety.

It’s no secret that factories require a much tougher cleaning regime than most commercial properties, which is why Steadfast provide such a thorough service. Customised cleaning schedules, high quality products and expert advice are just some of the benefits we offer our clients but our flexible approach means that we can deliver so much more.

Why choose us?

Industrial cleaning demands industrial strength cleaning products and we’ve got everything you need to transform the greasy machinery and dried stained floors of your factory. We use extra strength products for stain removal and professional cleaning equipment for those trickier, harder to reach areas. No matter what your needs, our team are equipped to take on the toughest of factory cleaning jobs.

We go further

We’re happy to take on even the biggest of factory cleans but that doesn’t mean we forget about the little things. Alongside the more demanding jobs, we also offer lighter cleaning solutions for your kitchen and restroom areas. The health and safety of your workers on the factory floor is of the utmost important but their food and toilet facilities deserve to be of a high standard too.

You can trust Steadfast to take care of everything from start to finish. We know that no two factories are the same, so from the moment we meet you we’ll consider how our services can effectively fit with your specific needs. Our entire workforce is highly trained in both product and equipment use and we’ll never send our staff members into a job without the relevant experience. We take great care in assessing all the risks of a job before we start and will always deliver a factory cleaning service that is both efficient and safe.

Want to know more? Contact us today and find out how Steadfast’s factory cleaning services could benefit your business.