Washroom and Hygiene Cleaning

What we offer

Our washroom and hygiene cleaning services cover everything from regular floor and toilet maintenance to anti-bacterial cleansing. Both regular cleaning and specialist deep cleans are catered for, to give our clients the most comprehensive hygiene cleaning service possible. Steadfast understands that washroom and hygiene cleaning is of the utmost important in commercial properties and this is something that we take very seriously. Our services cover all commercial washroom areas including restaurants, schools and offices. A clean and hygienic washroom is not only important for image but for the safety of customers and the public who use the facilities too.

Our approach

The approach we take is simple – we use our skills and expertise to give you a cleaning service that suits your specific needs and budgetary requirements. We know that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution for commercial cleaning and that’s why we take every washroom and hygiene cleaning project as unique and individual. From the simple everyday tasks to the most demanding work, the services we provide are tailored to you. Whilst other companies may simply do what is required, here at Steadfast we like to take the time to go that little bit further. We’re happy to say that we never rush any of our cleaning projects and will always ensure that we have provided a sensible and realistic time frame for the completion of our work.

Our people

Extensive staff training and regular work inspections mean that our cleaning services are always of the highest standard. We regularly renew our certifications and are continually thinking up new ways to provide the most comprehensive washroom and hygiene cleaning services possible. Our staff members understand the hygiene problems that can arise in washrooms and public toilets, that’s why all of our employees are equipped with the best anti-bacterial cleaning products for the job.

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